P N AMIN & ASSOCIATES | Some investigators say that long and detailed answers to otherwise simple questions can indicate a lie
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Some investigators say that long and detailed answers to otherwise simple questions can indicate a lie

Some investigators say that long and detailed answers to otherwise simple questions can indicate a lie

Some investigators say that long and detailed answers to otherwise simple questions can indicate a lie

It’s as if the more detail the person gives the more he tries to convince the questioner that he is being truthful. If they are confronted or acused of something, the liar will usually deny the accusation in a calm and emotionless manner instead of getting excited and saying things like “What? You think I did it?”

With careful video analysis, some investigators can observe rapid twitches in facial muscles that indicate a lie. Poker players, who want to leave with the most poker chips, often learn to “read” the facial expressions or “ticks” of other players to determine if they hold a good hand of cards or are just “bluffing.”

To become adept at distinguishing lies, ask some neutral questions to establish the baseline of the subject. Watch their facial expressions and eye movements and test this method by asking questions and observing the pattern of shifts to left, right, up and down.

A word of caution: this method may be reversed in left-handed people. It also may not apply to people who have rehearsed their answers or who have taken drugs or consumed alcohol.

Many people blush when they are telling a lie. It’s a very subtle phenomenon but this slight increase of blood flow to the cheeks can be detected. A camera that detects liars by monitoring the temperature of their face could lead to more acurate detection of terrorists and illegals at airports and border crossings.

Norman Eberhardt and James Levine of the Mayo Clinic and Ioannis Pavlidis of Honeywell Laboratories, both in Minnesota, have developed the high-resolution thermal imaging camera. This can identify an instant rush of blood to the area around the eyes, a phenomenon that has been linked with lying.

In the image on the top [right] the normal blood flow pattern can be seen and contrasted with the increased blood flow (bottom image) of a peron who is lying

The temperature of the eye region can rise by several degrees. However, the thermal camera needs to be many times more sensitive to detect this change accurately at a distance. In tests the system picked out liars with comparable accuracy to conventional polygraph equipment, which is more complicated swinging heaven sign in and time consuming to use. This method is just beginning to be used in forensic environments and holds promise for the future.

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Hi,I tried using this method when watching Bush give a speech before the Iraq war. He looked to the left (his right) every time he talked about weapons of mass destruction. Check it our yourself. I’m now watching the questioning of Gonzales and it’s true for him also. Thanks for the interesting facts.

Hi,I found a good way to use this when I questioned my boyfriend. I asked him to tell me if he remembered a friends house and asked him to describe it. I watched his eyes move to his left. Then I asked him (later) if he really was with his buddy on Friday. He answered “yes” and so I asked him what they did and I saw that he looked to his right. I know for a fact that he was at a party because my girlfriend saw him there and he didn’t invite me.

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