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Online Banking Did you forget your password?

Online Banking Did you forget your password?

Online Banking Did you forget your password?

Friday, Dec. 31st: All locations will be open normal hours. Extended hour locations and Express Central will close at 6:00. Saturday, Jan 1st: All locations will be Closed.

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3-2-1 Rewards Points until June!

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Earn 3x Rewards Point for Groceries and 2x Rewards Points for Gas Purchases. Find out how to earn more points today!


*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. With approved credit. Rate and term based on year model, amount financed, and credit score. Rates subject to change.

Paris Branch Blood Drive

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The Paris Branch is hosting a public blood drive Wednesday, with Carter BloodCare’s mobile unite donate the love! ID required to give.

ITM Locations

ITMs with Express Tellers are available Monday-Saturday, 7am to 7pm; just touch the screen for the teller. ITMs are also ATMs; just insert your card. Current list of ITM locations: Summerhill Lobby (TX), University (TX), Central Mall (TX), Batesville (MS), Clarksdale (MS), Trinity (AR) and now Lakeshore (Shreveport area) ITMs are open. Our Atlanta (TX) branch drive-thru is scheduled to receive 3 ITMs in mid-. Our Summerhill Branch location will be under construction soon as well.

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Reddit post garners opinions on husband’s 4-hour therapy sessions locked in bedroom multiple times a week

This Monday, photo shows the Reddit logo on a mobile device in New York. A Redditor asks for advice from commenters about her husband’s 4-hour therapy sessions and gets lots of responses – more than 3,700. (AP Photo/Tali Arbel) AP

A 34-year-old woman, whose husband recently took up therapy, had a question for Redditors regarding her husband’s therapy practice, and it raised some serious red flags in the eyes of readers and mental health experts.

According to a report by Newsweek, Redditor u/SantaCloseTheDoor received a huge response from her post, described in Reddit’s notorious Am I the (expletive synonymous with jerk) forum. Just one day after it was posted last week, it had received 18,000 votes with 3,700 comments.

u/SantaCloseTheDoor noted in the post that she was fully supportive of her husband when he recently decided to take up therapy, although she stated there was no specific trigger that prompted the move. She revealed that he does have a demanding job, feels too overwhelmed with work, and wanted to let off some steam.

The Redditor wrote that things quickly became complicated shortly after therapy sessions began – they’ve been happening for three months now and are held virtually in their bedroom. The frequency, she wrote, is often two times a day, multiple times per week, and they last for three to four hours, during which she is not allowed in the bedroom, according to Newsweek. Twice she entered the room and the laptop was slammed shut, she wrote.

The woman’s post was finally prompted by an incident where she needed to enter the bedroom due to an emergency, but her husband would not respond to her request to enter. When she quietly entered anyway he slammed the laptop shut, looked enraged and began lashing out, she wrote. She left the room and he locked the door.

She wrote that the incident prompted her to tell her husband he couldn’t have the sessions in the bedroom and to take them elsewhere. He shamed her explaining that this is his apartment too.

Her question was met with many comments from readers who rushed to the woman’s defense, many of whom claimed to be mental health professionals.

One commenter wrote: Hi therapist here. It is absolutely not normal to have 3-4 hours of session a day. No therapist would allow that. Another wrote that they never see any of my clients more than once a week. Another commented that often insurance won’t allow you to bill for multiple therapy sessions in the same day.

Many commenters suspect the husband isn’t actually attending therapy, but rather some theorized that he’s been cheating, or in a cult or something. Others suggested gambling or porn addiction, online gaming. Could be anything you can do on a phone, really. Still, others advised the Redditor to check his bank and credit card statements, along with his computer history.

There’s literally zero chance that he’s doing 4 hours of therapy a day. He’s lying to you and until he comes clean, you don’t have a marriage, wrote one commenter.

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