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Set a review or query a concern

Set a review or query a concern

Set a review or query a concern

You will find a bluish golf ball mason container it’s got a f from the bottles but it’s maybe not followed my personal any number what does thay suggest

Discovered an authentic sculpted cup baseball 84 64A Mason container A8. Little mouth area with grapes apples orange pear cherries berries right in front its a half gallon. What age is-it and really worth people see.

Please, i discovered a quart light-blue basketball Mason Patent 1858 . The S in mason was ghosted together with the 8 in 1858, three L with a lengthy story with many bubbles and swirels for the windows. However the thing I find the majority of strange is over the Patent in ghosted print is actually V11. Are you able to display any information and or worth of this jar?

Really does Roman numerals versus numbers change lives in cost plus witnessing the sound changes price furthermore how will you figure amount on environment bubbles.

You will find a golf ball mason container they merely place the frist page B on the jar its had gotten all the rest of it regarding will it be a misprint?

Recently I discover a #13 ball best mason quart jar in addition to 1 try backwards. I was simply fascinated if anyone features heard of this?

Many thanks

You will find an antique canning jar that keeps nearly 8 glasses that i do believe may be uncommon because I’ve browsed on the internet and e-bay and have now never seen one think its great. Really circular, obvious cup, broader perimeter at the bottom additionally the narrower leading will compliment a normal mouth area cover. But, the strange thing about it will be the LOGO DESIGN. Written across diagonally, the logo design claims aˆ?Standardaˆ? in cursive publishing and below it, also diagonally, this has just what looks type of like a banner with the keyword MASON (all-in capital characters) authored within the banner.

Would you learn 1) what age this jar try, 2) maybe the value once you know they and 3) when it possess lead-in it? I wish to put cold liquid or leftover fluid coffee inside, if this doesn’t have lead-in they. Thank you really to suit your some time facts.

we have 4 gallon basketball best container. happened to be may I find top and cable thanks . sorry about creating very little schooling.

People once explained that shape numbers on one pair of golf ball Mason containers is really worth considerable revenue…It had been most likely in a specific decade also. I’m merely wondering have you ever read this of course, if so, can you elaborate? I’m not sure in the event that mildew broke, or just a few thereupon mold quantity happened to be produced? Thanks!

I really see my self a rather fortunate and lucky person that i recently were one of those couple of collectors whom known long since the intrinsic benefits, charm, and history of baseball containers once they comprise items of disdain or simply neglected by numerous people. I’m therefore pleased I experienced the foresight to gather baseball jars because even though escort babylon Fargo most of the great people in my own very early many years happened to be financially and geographically out of reach, We nonetheless managed to obtain a really tiny but desirable collection through wisdom, understanding, endurance, determination, and dedication.

My uncle died a few years ago although going through their attic I discovered a package of blue baseball Perfect Mason jars. All but a few of them met with the older medal covers there are two models, the little has a 15 toward the base, which seems to get a quart proportions, plus the larger you have a 6, which may be two quarts, I’m not sure. My question is, in the big one, ideal is actually spelled aˆ?PERFFCTaˆ?. Was this usual for containers to own misspelled keywords and just how can I find out how outdated they are? Thanks A Lot.

I can’t apparently come across information about this container precisely the containers

I came across a jar at a property purchase here in Tennessee. Once I returned home and began cleanup they I noticed it had a picture of a black colored guy, mouth area open wide, consuming the thing I later on revealed becoming an oyster. It’s got what aˆ?Nigger mind Brandaˆ? using one side and baseball perfect on the other side. It’s got a glass lid used in by a metal musical organization. Best state. We called the Biloxi famous culture which introduced me to the Maritime and Seafood art gallery in Biloxi. I recognize they altered the name in 1954 or 55 to negro-head brand name. Are you able to assist me? Many thanks a great deal!!

We have the blue Ball ideal jar. I beleave it actually was manufactured in between 1910-1923?We bel eave my personal jar is a misprint .The d i Ideal isnt hardly visable .My question for you is just how much are my personal misprinted golf ball container value also it features a 5 underscored on base.please assist me decide the value of my container please.

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